Buying Fresh Black Truffles

Where to buy a black truffle?
The fresh truffle season starts in June until mid-September.

Let us know your interest or place an order either by email at:

Or call us on (02) 6238 0068 (after hours).

LA TRUFFIERE will be selling fresh truffles at diverse local markets in Canberra and Sydney during the truffle season.

Which truffle to buy?
At LA TRUFFIERE, we provide only the best quality of Black truffles. You are guaranteed to buy a Tuber Melanosporum. The skin of the Tuber Melanosporum has a characteristic pattern easily identifiable.

The aroma of black truffles will vary depending on their ‘terroir’ which in turn is affected by numerous factors; eg: the altitude, the amount of rainfall, the sun exposure, and the physical and chemical contents of the soil. Also, the time of harvest will affect the gusto of a truffle.

The shape of a truffle has no impact on its odor or on its level of maturity.

How to buy a fresh truffle?
The truffle must be firm, odorant, brushed and freed of soil or imperfections.

We sell them whole or in small pieces. 10g of fresh mature truffle is usually enough to flavour a dish.

So, I bought a truffle. What next?
The taste of a black truffle is in its aroma. The use of fresh truffle is only limited by one’s imagination. Just use your truffle as you would with a raw condiment to enhance the flavour of the food.

The quantity used will depend on your taste and on the food used.

How to keep truffles?
Although truffles are best enjoyed fresh, they will keep for up to 2 weeks in a fridge or in a cool pantry. You would take care of storing them in glass jars in preference to plastic containers unless you would like your fridge or pantry to be perfumed as well.

Please contact us to get advice on the quantity to buy.


An extra grade truffle.

An extra grade truffle.

Details of a Tuber Melanosporum.

Details of a Tuber Melanosporum.