Perigord Truffle Tours

Come with us for the ultimate truffle experience.

If you love truffles, it is a must to visit a truffle market in Le Périgord.

Joëlle, your native guide, will take you to a personal tour of truffle markets, truffle farms, truffle fairs, truffle food and medieval cities in the Dordogne Valley. You will visit the annual truffle festival in picturesque Sarlat. Accommodation is in a charming B & B homestead.

Each tour takes place weekly from January to the end of February each year.

To register your interest, contact us here. We will answer you within 24 hours.

Le Perigord is a beautiful region of France. It is known to be the cradle of mankind and the place of origin of the black truffles, Tuber Melanosporum.

Comments From Recent Perigord Truffle Trips

“As an ordinary Aussie, my knowledge of Truffles was non-existent. What a surprise I had when I went to the Perigord in January 2012: exciting markets set up just for Truffles, truffle farms and truffle dogs in action. Most of the markets had truffle sea salt and truffle oil and so many other products where truffles are used to highlight the taste of the food.

Joelle is such an interesting guide; she took us to restaurants where the food was covered with shaved truffle and it was so good; we visited truffle farms and the Annual Truffle Fair in Sarlat. Certainly there is nothing like this in Australia. I can’t wait to go again.”
– Jane Nurmi. Canberra. ACT

“Being in the Périgord in winter is being at the heart of the truffle world. When you see all the black truffles together you understand why the smell lingers so far from the market place! The first market we attended was inside the town hall. Tables with white napkins were set up like a maze so you wind your way through the truffles. There was a cluster of people around one table, all admiring the largest truffle found so far that season. The truffle trip experience was a real delight.”
– Hilda, Canberra, ACT

“In 2011, I had my first trip to the Perigord region. I was amazed at the ambiance and atmosphere within the market square. The pungent smell – whilst at first overwhelming – reminds you that you are here for one specific reason… French black truffles!!”
– Luc, Bungendore,NSW

The world's biggest truffle.

The world’s biggest truffle.

Truffle Fair - Sarlat

Truffle Fair – Sarlat.

French Truffle Farm

French truffle farm.

Truffles for sale.

Truffles for sale.